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We are introducing you to a long time developed system, which helps you in a short period get extra income. With Hourly Global you will receive 0.7% hourly for 250 hours.

How to start earning?

About us

Hourly Global is an investment platform, which offers you to earn 0.7% every hour from investment. We offer 3 types of payment systems - Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Payeer.

With every investment we are working 250 hours, but client can make new investments as much as they want anytime. Every investment will produce 175% profit.

It's like trading, but at Global Hourly you get warranty that you will get profit. We are working for you. We also offer unique affiliate bonus system, where every our customer can increase profit by affiliating new members to us.

How to start earning with us

Open Account

At "Open Account" section select your payment wallet and enter your wallet address/wallet number where you would like to receive your profit.

Make deposit

At your account section, make the deposit which is higher than the minimum deposit amount of current wallet (for Perfect Money and Payeer - 15 USD, but for Bitcoin - 0.005 BTC). After payment will be made, your deposit will be automatically activated. After deposit activation, your 0.7% hourly profit will be counted to your wallet within next 250 hours.

Share affiliate link

You are able to increase your profit by sharing your affiliate link and receive 9% commission from your referrals deposit. Just copy the link from your account and start sharing it at E-Mails, Social Media and Forums.

Start earning with us

Live statisics

Method Amount Account Date
20 P1005326348 42 minutes ago
20 U17246372 2 hours ago
25 U16845162 3 hours ago
0.005 19fRH5pMKzYvdCeo7BqZGnZXdYKtdUTtiB 4 hours ago
0.00752632 32JcUHeDu448sHtZHNTHVWptifjHLr8kmh 5 hours ago
Method Amount Account Date
0.18 U16845162 18 minutes ago
3.5E-5 19fRH5pMKzYvdCeo7BqZGnZXdYKtdUTtiB 41 minutes ago
0.14 U17246372 44 minutes ago
5.268E-5 32JcUHeDu448sHtZHNTHVWptifjHLr8kmh 1 hour ago
0.18 U16845162 1 hour ago
3.5E-5 19fRH5pMKzYvdCeo7BqZGnZXdYKtdUTtiB 1 hour ago
0.14 U17246372 1 hour ago
5.268E-5 32JcUHeDu448sHtZHNTHVWptifjHLr8kmh 2 hours ago
0.18 U16845162 2 hours ago
3.5E-5 19fRH5pMKzYvdCeo7BqZGnZXdYKtdUTtiB 2 hours ago
5.268E-5 32JcUHeDu448sHtZHNTHVWptifjHLr8kmh 3 hours ago
3.5E-5 19fRH5pMKzYvdCeo7BqZGnZXdYKtdUTtiB 3 hours ago
5.268E-5 32JcUHeDu448sHtZHNTHVWptifjHLr8kmh 4 hours ago

Questions & Answers

No we do not charge any fee for our services

Bitcoin minimal investment amount is 0.005BTC and maximum is unlimited.
Perfect Money and Payeer minimal investment amount is $15 and maximum is unlimited.

You can make as much deposits as you wish, each time your deposit will product 175% return.

Bitcoin deposit will be added as soon as it will be confirmed at bitcoin network. Perfect Money and Payeer will be added right away after investment.

Please, contact us at support form and we will investigate a problem.

Payments are made automatically every hour. Create account, make deposit and we will do all the work for you.

You dont need to withdraw anything, because you will receive investment profit straight to port Bitcoin, Perfect Money or Payeer wallet. With no delay.

Promote your affiliate link and receive 9% referral commission instantly as soon as your downline makes deposit in Hourly Global.
For example, if you have a Perfect Money wallet, but your downline makes deposit from Bitcoin wallet, you will receive 9% from his deposit. Our system will automatically convert your affiliate comission from USD to BTC and vice versa. So, its not a problem, if your wallets are different.

Get in touch with us

If you have got any questions, please get in touch with us.